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Te Huki was an outstanding ancestor of the district but was not a warrior or a military genius, but he was more of a diplomat. Te Huki was unique in that he descended in an unblemished line of male descent from Kahungunu:

Kahungunu (male) — Rongomaiwahine
Kahukuranui (male) — Tuteihonga
Rakaipaka (male) — Turuma Kino
Tutekanao (male) - Tamateahirau
Tureia (male) — Hine Kimihanga
Te Huki (male) —

In life, he fulfilled the promise of his great ancestry, by using his diplomatic skills. He intermarried himself and later his sons and daughters into various tribes and districts from Poverty Bay to the Wairarapa. These marriages were extremely important to the Maori. Te Huki did not remove his wives from their respective homes, but in order to maintain his popularity and esteem, he left them in their own home territory and attended them from time to time with his periodic visits. He was highly respected and loved by the people of his wives.

Te Huki’s greatest ambition was always in the interest of peace and love. The title of PeaceMaker was bestowed upon him. It was also through his association and connections through marriage that within the vast territory from the East Coast to the Wairarapa another title was given to him, Te Kupenga a Te Huki which means The setting net of Te Huki.

In his earlier days Te Huki resided near the coast between Waihua and Mohaka which country rises and falls in hills and valleys along the main road, this track was called ‘“‘Nga ngaru a Te Huki”.

To honor this paramount chief, the people from Raupunga have built a very beautiful and modern meeting house named “Te Kupenga a Te Huki’.

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